ConforMis Total Knee Replacement

ConforMis Total Knee Replacement

There are many different types of knee replacements that are available with total knee replacement surgeries, but there are not as many as unique as the ConforMis knee.

What is it? The ConforMis is a type of knee replacement that is crafted specifically to your knee. A CT scan is done of the knee before surgery, and the replacement is crafted out of cobalt chromium molybdenum, a standard metal used in orthopedic implants, based on the imaging to make it more specific to you.

How is it any better from other knee replacements? With the ConforMis knee, it is specifically crafted to fit your knee. With other knee replacements, they are made in bulk as a “generic” knee. They don’t always fit correctly on the knee, whereas the ConforMis knee is crafted to fit the knee similar to the original knee.

The plus side of the ConforMis knee:

  • Less bone is removed during surgery
  • Less bleeding occurs after surgery
  • Less pain after surgery
  • Recovery time is faster
  • Range of motion is better
  • Kinematics of the knee closely resemble a normal knee more than other “generic” knees on the market
  • High satisfaction rate with patients that have the ConforMis knee
  • “Resurfaces” the original knee, as opposed to replacing it


The ConforMis knee is currently the only patient specific total knee replacement in the United States. Not everyone is able to get this type of total knee replacement, for instance, if the knee has severe deformities, severe bone loss, severe loss of motion, or severe ligamentous instability, the surgeon may recommend a more “generic” knee that they choose best to work with. It is important to discuss with your surgeon on what the best options are for you.


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