What Food/Drinks You May Want To Avoid

What Food/Drinks You May Want To Avoid

Doctor’s don’t only focus on their patients, but they also consider their personal health and physical condition. In a study done by Dana Leigh Smith, many different kinds of doctors were asked about what they eat and don’t eat. The following is a list of the nine foods/drinks that doctor’s don’t touch.

  1. Flavored Oatmeal. Euegina Gianos avoids flavored oatmeal because they “contain trans-fats, corn syrup, and added sugar.
  2. Cream-Based Soups. Doctor’s try not to eat cream-based soups because, “[They] are loaded with empty calories and often have concerning fillers like hydrolyzed proteins, food dyes and corn syrup.” says Dr. Taz Bhatia.
  3. Cheeseburgers. Cheeseburgers aren’t terrible, but eating them too often is not a healthy choice. Blase Carabello informs us that “[cheeseburgers] are high in heart disease-causing saturated fat and served in a processed bun made with refined carbohydrates.”
  4.  Low-Fat Packaged Baked Goods. Rebekah Gross said, “I avoid any product marketed as ‘low-fat.’ Typically, these items are extensively processed and packed with chemicals that are added to try to achieve the consistency or reproduce the flavor of the full-fat models on which they are based . . . I’d rather indulge in a smaller portion of a food naturally high in fat or sugar than ingest an artificial substitute.”
  5. Nutrition Bars. Lara Devgan recommends avoiding nutrition bars because “though they can be tasty, for the amount of calorie-dense carbs and fat they contain, you might as well eat a candy bar.”
  6. Giant Cups of Coffee. Caffeine is not a product that you should consume frequently. It is great for a wake up call or quick energy, but can be very harmful to your health if you drink it too frequently.
  7. Deli Meats. David L. Katz says, “The processed varieties [of deli meats] are a bad choice . . . If you eat meat, it should be pure—like you want your own muscles to be.”
  8. Soda. Guillem Gonzalez-Lomas claims that he “steers clear of sodas—high risk, no reward.” Soda is packed with sugar “which makes it challenging for the body to maintain healthy glucose and insulin levels.”
  9. Soy Milk. A big reason why Guillem Gonzalez-Lomas avoids soy milk is because “soy mimics estrogen and activates estrogen receptors in the body.”

It’s your body, so you understand what your body needs and when you should cut back on certain things. These are just a few foods/drinks you may want to reconsider not eating when you see them again.


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