ACL Reconstruction with Arthrex® GraftLink®

One of the most common knee injuries is an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) sprain or tear. The anterior cruciate ligament can be injured in several ways: changing direction rapidly; stopping suddenly; slowing down while running; landing from a jump incorrectly; direct contact or collision. When you injure your ACL, you might hear a “popping” noise and you may feel your knee give out from under you. Other typical symptoms include: pain with swelling; loss of full range of motion; tenderness along the joint line; discomfort while walking.

The GraftLink® technique provides the ultimate in anatomic, minimally invasive and reproducible ACL reconstruction. Used in combination with anatomic guides, FlipCutter® allows independent femoral and tibial retrodrilling to create sockets, while maintaining the cortices to maximize fixation. A single hamstring harvest reduces morbidity and preserves strength. Two suspension TightRope® fixation implants, with a proprietary four-point locking system, make GraftLink the most reproducible ACL reconstruction available.